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We wisepl With an Excellent Track Record, with Best Client Satisfaction

We believe in keeping the customers happy and providing them with services at a very competent price. We have been able to do all leading types of data annotation service used as data training in machine learning and deep learning and we pride ourselves as one of the emerging industry leaders in this area

  • 01 What we offer?

    we offer a personalised prompt estimating service for machine learning and artificial intelligence model developments. It is providing the precisely annotated data in the form of text, images and videos using the various annotation techniques while ensuring the accuracy and quality

  • Wisepl is providing all leading types of data annotation service such as Bounding Boxes, Semantic Segmentation, 3D Point Cloud Annotation and 3D Cuboid Annotation for fields like healthcare, autonomous driving or drone falying, retail, security surveillance and agriculture

  • Wisepl works with scalable solution, available at turnaround time for clients across the globe. Our proven processes deliver quality data quickly and are designed to scale and change along with your needs. Wisepl allocates teams of experienced annotators to meet your short and long-term project of image annotation and We Offer Quality and Security in Every Services, Where the Company's Client data and resources remain safe and secure.


Wisepl Ai Production Capacity

keeping our clients up with a focused approach and utilizing complex tools and technology,Wisepl also maintained operations during COVID-19 lockdowns

OCR Data Labeling50+ project completed
Semantic segmentation15+ project completed
Cuboids and polygons20+ project completed
2D & 3D bounding boxes10+ project completed
retail and e-commerce12+ project completed
Medical Imaging10+ project completed

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The influence of AI technology can be seen across all sectors such as transportation, education, manufacturing, online shopping, communication, sports, media, healthcare, politics and government, banking and finance, aerospace, and so much more

  • Self Driving Car
  • Retail
  • Robotics
  • Agriculture
  • Drone
  • Security Camera
Autonomous car

Autonomous car

AI is used to enable the cars to navigate through the traffic and handle complex situations. Wisepl provides high-quality training datasets for AV

Retail Indusries

Retail Indusries

Transforming the health of every shelf, in every store, put an end to checkouts with frictionless store experience and many more. Image annotation for retail creating high-quality data sets to identify the all types of objects sold in retail stores.

Image Tagging

Image Tagging

Wisepl applies key tags for better identification, converts existing image format to more useful type. We will deliver you best and user-friendly Image tagging solution from start to end.

Product Recognition & Name Entity Recognition

Product Recognition & Name Entity Recognition

Wisepl provide all kind of annotation in retail industry, we have already annotated and labelled various images of products like clothes, foods, machine equipment's, furniture's, books etc.. We ensure to keep best quality annotation on this Ai in retail.

 Building Construction

House Hold Item Annotation

Wisepl is one of the leading companies in image annotation to annotate the data with an exceptional level of accuracy to make sure security camera can easily detect the varied objects likes House Hold items

 Building Construction

Bounding Box Annotation for Building Construction

This annotation output would be helpful for making Ai model development for detection of employees in the construction field & security purposes

Number Plate Detection

Number Plate Detection.

We are providing number plate annotation for machine learning developments clients. We can annotate as per the demands like License plate, Vehicle type, Make etc.from our previous clients.mostly this kind of annotation are a bounding box annotation task with guidelines for bounding boxes and annotations.The problems can be tackled using the Object Detection approach where we need to train our model using the car/other vehicle images with number plates.

Aerial-Drone Image Annotation

Aerial-Drone Image Annotation

Wisepl is one of the leading companies in image annotation to annotate the data with an exceptional level of accuracy to make sure drones can easily detect the varied objects likes Recognition of unwanted things on the ground , Roof detection of building, flats, homes.

Arial View Annotation

Aerial View Annotation

- Vehicles detection and counting


Geospatial Annotation

We provide bounding box for Geospatial Annotation. Using bounding box for buildings, automobiles, parking, plots, agriculture fields etc.

Crop Failure

Agriculture Image Annotation.

Functional Annotation for Crop Protection, Identifying dead parts of trees and plants, Crops failure detection and labeling.

Self Driving

Self driving

Bounding boxes are used by cars to identify objects

Goods Tracking

Goods Tracking Annotation

Through Bounding box we are preparing dataset for tracking, counts of goods, boxes categories etc.. for making ML product of our customers.

Crops Detection

Crops Annotation.

We are helping companies who want to repair pre-annotated images of crops. Identifying the weeds and crops individually and categorizing into unique classes , On the line of crops finding objects in-between the crop items that can’t be for sure determined if it’s a crop or a weed as on the image above .

Autonomous Car

Ai in autonomous car

We use Advanced and Efficient Annotation Platform to enable rapid labeling of your moving object across multiple frames.


Agriculture Image Annotation.

We help Ai companies to train their Agriculture Images to draw Bounding box, Semantic Annotation etc..

Waste pollution

Waste Pollution Detection.

Object detection for waste and unwanted things.

weeds annotation

Weeds Annotation

Detection of weeds in agriculture, Identifying the crop failure part by placing polygon, bounding box, we help machine learning experts to label weeds for their crop detection products.

How Ai Helps Businesses In Todays World

Artificial intelligence is already widely used in business applications, including automation, data analytics, and natural language processing.
In 2018, Harvard Business Review predicted that AI stands to make the greatest impact in marketing services, supply chain management, manufacturing and healthcare Industry.

  • How is AI used in self driving cars?

    For an autonomous vehicles, it needs to be continuously aware of its surroundings—first by perceiving information and then acting on the information through the LiDAR control of the vehicle.

    It require safe, secure, and highly responsive solutions which need to be able to make split-second decisions based on a detailed understanding of the driving environment.

    Understanding the environment requires an enormous amount of data to be captured by myriad different sensors across the car, which is then processed by the vehicle’s autonomous driving computer system.

    For the vehicle to be truly capable of driving without user control, an extensive amount of training must be initially undertaken for the Artificial Intelligence (AI) network to understand how to see, what it’s seeing, and make the right decisions in any imaginable traffic situation.

    We Wisepl offers our clients complete Image and Video annotation solution for autonomous vehicle

  • The ideal way of balancing the current healthcare system’s cost-structure would be to shift the time-consuming manual tasks to machines.

    Recent advances in computer vision are set to revolutionize the field of medical imaging, which in turn extends across many different healthcare functions.

    like Computed Tomography (CT) scans, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), ultrasounds, PET scans, and mammography. AI-assisted imaging technologies expand the ability to analyze these images through pattern recognition.

    They can help doctors by highlighting certain image features, identify early predictors of cancer, prioritize cases and cut down on the volume of labor required to perform accurate diagnoses. Wisepl uses Semantic segmentation for Training machine learning models on imaging data optimizes them to detect diseases.

  • AI in retail has empowered businesses with high-level data and information that is leveraged into improved retail operations and new business opportunities. In fact, it is estimated that $40 billion of additional revenue was driven by AI in retail in a 3-year span.

    machine learning and predictive analytics, can collect, process, and analyze troves of data, and use that information to predict, forecast, inform, and help retailers make accurate, data-driven business decisions.

    Ai in retail also utilizes behavioral analytics and customer intelligence to get valuable insights about different market demographics and improve many different dimenions in the customer service sector.

    Our Services For Retail Industries Include Data Labeling and validation, 2D and 3D Annotation, Collection and Classification. We also provide Custom type based on clients requirements.