Data & Image Annotation

Data Annotation is a task performed by a human being to annotate an image using different Labels. These labels were predefined by the AI architect and selected to give the computer vision model information about what appears in the image. AI-powered applications such as augmented reality, automatic speech recognition, and neural machine translation have the potential to change lives and businesses around the world. Likewise, the technologies that computer vision can provide us (autonomous vehicles, facial recognition, and drones) are exceptional.

Bounding Box

bounding box

Using bounding boxes annotators are asked to outline the object in a box as per the Clients project requirements, And it is one of the cheapest and low time taking annotation methods in the industry. Basically used to train autonomous vehicles, Annotate the goods and detect accessories in Business and Ecommerce.

Cuboid Annotation for ADAS

Cuboid Annotation helps autonomous vehicles to understand the real-world environment. It mainly aids in detecting vehicle movement and its dimension for autonomous vehicles. It helps the self-driving cars to measure the distance of each obstacle from the vehicle and calculate the spacing.

Cuboid Annotation


Polygon Annotation

With irregular shapes can’t be easily annotated with bounding boxes or cuboids. For that we use Polygon Annotation, This annotation method allows all of the object’s exact edges to be annotated, regardless of its shape


Detecting the road lines accurately for autonomous vehicles. Polyline annotation is helpful for making Ai model development of self driving vehicles. Polylines annotation is suitable in lane detection for autonomous vehicles defining bicycle, directions, divergence and opposite direction traffic to perceive the surroundings for safe and trouble-free driving of such vehicles backed with successful AI-models. Wisepl provides polyline annotation services with acceptable level of accuracy.

  • Detect Lanes for Self-driving Vehicles
  • Prefect Lane Detection with Polylines
Polyline Annotation

Traffic Lights Annotation

Traffic Light Detection

Traffic light detection and recognition is essential for autonomous driving in urban environments. A camera based algorithm for real-time robust traffic light detection and recognition was proposed, and especially designed for autonomous vehicles. Although the current reliable traffic light recognition algorithms operate well under way, most of them are mainly designed for detection at a fixed position and the effect on autonomous vehicles under real-world conditions is still limited. Wisepl provide best quality traffic light annotation using bounding box with low cost rate.

Geospacial Annotation

We provide bounding box for Geospatial Annotation. Using bounding box for buildings, automobiles, parking, plots, agriculture fields etc.

Geo spatial

Aerial View Drone Image Annotation

Aerial View Drone

Wisepl is one of the leading companies in image annotation to annotate the data with an exceptional level of accuracy to make sure drones can easily detect the varied objects. Drones are widely used in countless scenarios: from military operations to precision agriculture.

  • It precise to give ground truth data for aerial apps.
  • Geospatial analysis and categorization.
  • Agriculture field monitoring.
  • Disaster Place Recognition.
  • Recognition of unwanted things on the ground.
  • Roof detection of building, flats, homes.
  • Vehicles detection and counting.
  • AI-enabled drone applications.
  • Satellite imagery annotation.
  • Construction progress tracking by annotation of differences between the images.
  • Construction site safety.
  • Equipment tracking.
  • Property monitoring.
  • Road traffic reporting.
  • Pipeline monitoring.

Remote Sense Mapping

Wisepl offer remote sensing annotation through semantic segmentation. Segmentation algorithms have already been recognized as a valuable and complementary approach that similar to human operators perform a region-based rather than a point-based evaluation of high-resolution and multi-source remotely sensed data.

Remote Sense Mapping

Annotation for Driver Monitoring.

Driver Monitoring

Sometimes drivers are getting distracted. feeling sleepy , tired, drowsy. This kind of things can be detected through driving monitoring cameras and Ai products. We can evaluate the drivers physical conditions, mental workload, behavior, expressions inside the vehicle. Wisepl is helping clients to annotate various 2D images of car driving.

Semantic Segmentation

The aim of semantic image segmentation is to classify each pixel of an image. Image segmentation is a computer vision task which involves labelling various regions of the image into objects that are present in it.

semantic segmentation is one of the high-level task that paves the way towards complete scene understanding. There are various object types can be identified and segmented, including people, sky, greenery (including grass and trees), foods, pets, buildings, flowers, water, beaches, and mountains.

Semantic Segmentation

2D & 3D Point Cloud Annotation

2d 3d Cloud Annotation

Identifies objects in a 3D point cloud and draws bounding cuboids around the specified objects, returning the positions and sizes of these boxes.

It is a land surveying method that uses remote sensing technology emitting light that travels around the object and back to the receiver creating points every time it hits the object building a 3D map of the entire scene. We help annotate or label cars, pedestrians, bicyclists, trees, animals, traffic lights, billboards, garbage bin, etc in this map by drawing bounding boxes or cuboids precisely to train the machine learning algorithms to interpret the world.

Image Tagging & Labeling.

We offer Image Annotation service for machine learning and AI related companies requiring datasets with best quality annotation.

Image Tagging services

Facial Recognition

face recogantion in ai

Face recognition is a technology capable of identifying or verifying a subject through an image, video or any audiovisual element of his face. Generally, this identification is used to access an application, system or service. We help our clients to create bounding box annotation over the faces, This will help the product to identify the person as accurate.

Skeleton Annotation

Creating skeleton annotations is the analysis of nerve cells placing a node every few slices to reconstruct their path through a dataset. A typical skeleton annotation contains the reconstruction of one or more structures, often with many thousand nodes. All connected nodes form a tree or more generally speaking a graph.


Goods Tracking Annotation

Goods Tracking in Ai

Through Bounding box we are preparing dataset for tracking, counts of goods, boxes categories etc.. for making ML product of our customers.
Wisepl provide accurate annotation on ecommerce products.

Number Plate Detection.

We are providing number plate annotation for machine learning developments clients. We can annotate as per the demands like License plate, Vehicle type, Make etc. We were also asked to annotate vehicle name, model, color of the vehicle etc.. from our previous clients.

mostly this kind of annotation are a bounding box annotation task with guidelines for bounding boxes and annotations. The problems can be tackled using the Object Detection approach where we need to train our model using the car/other vehicle images with number plates.

Number Plate Detection

Barcode Annotation

Barcode Ai

In the area of image processing, testing of image quality, etc. is performed by scanning documents on the scanner.

It is desirable to annotate the image so that one may track the number of images, the device identity and date of processing, for example. While text annotation of images exists, the text is not practical for device readability.
Our Wisepl team is drawing accurate bounding box for barcode boxes to detect the identity and it helps for machine learning algorithms. The best barcode annotation team is in our hand. Those who have to do wide range or larger dataset to annotate. please get in touch with us

Annotation For Building & Contsruction

This annotation output would be helpful for making Ai model development for detection of employees in the construction field & security purposes

Building Construction in Ai

Key Point Annotation

Key Point Annotation

Our team is set to deliver huge amount of annotated images in key point. We use the point tool on image of faces , sports , anatomy organs, cells detection etc...

Wood Log Annotation

Our annotation service include Wood Log annotation. It is mainly used for to check the detection of wood ends diameter by various algorithm's.
We help forest, wood industry companies to annotate their dataset in their own requirement by ensuring quality annotation using annotation tool.

woodlog Annotation

Waste Pollution & Detection

Waste pollution Detection

Object detection for waste and unwanted things. Thanks to our lovable team for doing an big test with much classes of Ai algorithm project in object detection.

Retail Annotation

Humans need to annotate it by labeling all of the objects. This means that humans would need to annotate all of the images of the items by tagging, 2D/3D bounding boxes, or semantic segmentation to make sure the right items are delivered to the customers.

Wisepl is an expert in providing retail annotations and creating training datasets for retail applications for building machine learning models.

Retail Annotation

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