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Wisepl makes data labeling possible for every industries to develop AI-based functional model work properly without any error.

Providing the annotated image data for computer vision platforms allowing machines to detect images and classify the objects in different categorize

We can label each data or annotate different types of objects like cars, human, animals or trees etc. using the various modes of annotation as per the client’s needs.

Wisepl offers a low-cost annotation service for machine learning and artificial intelligence model developments. It is providing the precisely annotated data in the form of text, images and videos using the various annotation techniques whileensuring the accuracy and quality. Wisepl is providing all leading types of data annotation service used as data training in machine learning and deep learning. It offers Bounding Boxes, Semantic Segmentation, 3D Point Cloud Annotation and 3D Cuboid Annotation for fields like healthcare, autonomous driving or drone falying, retail, security surveillance and agriculture. Wisepl works with scalable solution, available at turnaround time and cost-effective pricing for clients across the globe.

We have been Named No.1 in Image Annotation

We mix all detailed things together


With advanced tools and human powered skills to make each image easily recognizable for machines and computer vision

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